The Asus ROG GTX 1070 lets you play games without heat and noise

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce_WebSilder

Running demanding tasks such as gaming and video editing can cause your computer to overheat quickly. You’ll probably hear a muffled version of a hair dryer underneath your machine’s hood, and you may even experience decreased performance. That’s why it’s worth investing on a reliable gaming graphics card to alleviate issues that may shorten your gaming rig’s lifespan. Asus has […]

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Cool Freebies From Acer


Acer is welcoming the new school year by giving away cool freebies to customers who purchase any of the participating laptops in this back to school promo. Students ought to take advantage of this great deal and get ready for the upcoming semester with a brand new laptop bundled with a smartwatch, wireless speakers, or a laptop bag. Choose from […]

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Work Hard, Play Harder


Summer’s now in full swing and we’ve all received its inescapable warm welcome. Complink has collaborated with leading gaming brand MSI to launch a summer promotion, bringing you the hottest gaming notebooks that come bundled with cool freebies. Thanks to high-quality laptops that offer the best in gaming performance, staying in this scorching heat will not only be tolerable, but […]

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